Tamil NaduSwiggy announced Rs.5000 Reward for those who find Delivery boy who was...

Swiggy announced Rs.5000 Reward for those who find Delivery boy who was ride on horse in Mumbai

Mumbai: A video of Swiggy’s delivery boy is becoming very viral on social media these days. Actually a delivery boy of Swiggy has surprised everyone with the way of transport. As soon as this video came in front of everyone on social media, everyone started sharing it fast.

It is being told that this video is from Mumbai. It can be seen in this video that a man is sitting on a white horse during the rain. On his shoulder is a bag of food.

After the video went viral, people praised this bravery of the Swiggy delivery boy in the midst of heavy rain. Now the Swiggy company has also issued its statement on this. The company has said that this video has come to our knowledge.

In which an unknown person is taking a bag containing our company’s Monagram and delivering food while sitting on a horse with full confidence.

Swiggy has said that we want to give credit to that person for his plan and choice of mode of transport. But we don’t know who is this person? The company says that we have asked internet users and also the general public to give information about this person.

The company has further said that whoever gives accurate information about the delivery boy riding on a horse, the company will reward him with a reward of Rs 5,000. Different types of reactions of people are coming out after watching this video.

Commenting on a user, wrote that this is a royal delivery. At the same time, another user wrote that I am wondering if he is not delivering pizza. Some users say that the horse feels like a good option after seeing the petrol prices skyrocketing.

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People are liking this video very much. This video is only 5 seconds long. The picture of this video is becoming quite viral on Twitter.

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