Tamil NaduTelegram Premium Subscription, these special features will be available

Telegram Premium Subscription, these special features will be available

Let us tell you, Telegram is going to give some special features and benefits to the paying users, which will not be available to the free users.

Messaging app Telegram has recently come up with a new premium service . Keeping its promise of not showing ads to the users, the app has opted to bring the subscription service to earn money.

The question arises that when there are so many free messaging apps available in the market, why would users pay for a subscription plan.

Let us tell you, Telegram is going to give some special features and benefits to the paying users, which will not be available to the free users.

You can take a subscription to support the platform

Not only does Telegram Premium come with a number of exclusive features , the app has claimed that it is also a way to support the platform.

Hardly many users subscribe to support the app with the existing features, which is why they are being given some special benefits.

Talking about Telegram Premium subscription in India, its price has been kept at Rs 460 per month.

What features will be available with Telegram Premium?

The messaging platform has claimed that with its premium service, users will get the resource-heavy features that have been sought for a long time.

The new subscription service comes with a host of benefits such as company dubbed limits, 4GB file uploads, faster downloads, exclusive stickers and reactions and better chat management.

Sponsored messages to Telegram users are shown in public one-to-many channels in some countries , but these ads will stop showing with Telegram Premium.

Premium Doubled Limits

Users who subscribe to the premium subscription have been given a higher limit for almost everything in the app.

Users can follow up to 1000 channels. Also, they are getting the option to create 20 chat folders with 200 chats in all.

These users will get the option to add a fourth account to the Telegram app and pin 10 chats to the main list. The new service will also offer the option to save 10 favorite stickers.

4GB Uploads

Standard Telegram users get the option to upload large files and media in the app and can upload files up to 2GB in size to the Telegram Cloud for free.

With Telegram Premium subscription, users will be able to send files up to 4GB in size.

The good thing is that all Telegram users will be given the option to download these large files. That is, standard users will also be able to download large files sent by premium users.

Premium download speed

The messaging app has said that apart from uploads, premium users will get faster speeds than others while downloading media and other files.

Users will be able to access content faster according to the network speed in their unlimited cloud storage.

Not only this, premium subscribers will also get features like writing long bio and sharing link in bio. These users will also be given the opportunity to include more characters in media captions than others.

Unique Premium Stickers

A slew of stickers now come with full-screen animations that premium users can send to any chat. The premium sticker collection will be updated every month by Telegram Artists.

Premium members will be given access to more emojis to respond to messages, including more than 10 new emojis.

There will also be a feature to put animated profile videos of premium users to differentiate themselves from the rest.

Chat Management Features

Telegram Premium has new tools to manage chat lists. With these, users will be able to change their default chat folder and always have a custom folder open. Or instead of all chats, only ‘unread’ messages will be shown to them.

If users do not want to hear a voice message, then there will be an option to convert it to text with voice-to-text. Premium users will also be able to give ratings to these transcripts to improve them.

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Premium badge will be seen with name

Premium badges with the names of all premium users will be displayed in chat lists, chat headers and member lists of groups. They will also be able to replace the Telegram icon on the home screens with a premium star, night sky or turbo-plane.

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