Tamil NaduTiruvallur Student Sarala Suicide Case What Says Post Mortem Report Status

Tiruvallur Student Sarala Suicide Case What Says Post Mortem Report Status

The suicide of a class 12 student in Tiruvallur has created a lot of excitement.

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Tiruvallur: There is a government-aided Sacred Heart Girls’ Higher Secondary School at Keelachery near to Tiruvallur. Here, Sarala, a student from Thakalur village next to Tiruthani, was studying in class 12. Shee stayed in the school hostel and used to go to school. This morning, as usual, he went to the hostel room to eat with his friends.

After a long time, the friends went to the hostel room and were shocked to see Sarala’s dead body hanging. On hearing this information, Tiruvallur Deputy Superintendent of Police Chandra Dasan, Sub Inspector Ilango and the police rushed to investigate. They recovered the body of student Sarala and sent it to Tiruvallur Government Hospital for postmortem.

Tiruvallur schoolgirl suicide case transferred to CBCID. Also, District CBCID Police Inspector Tripura Sundari has been appointed as the investigating officer in the student’s case. Speaking about this, DIG Sathyapriya said, ‘According to the preliminary investigation, we have registered a first information report. The case has been transferred to CBCID. They have said that the death is suspicious.

A case has been registered accordingly. In the investigation conducted by the police, the student hanged herself. CBCID will now start investigating the case. A preliminary inquiry has been conducted with the concerned persons. An autopsy of the student will be done today. Everyone including the student’s parents are here.

We have told them everything. There is no other confusion in this. The police request is not to spread false news. Some people are reporting the incident differently. People should avoid gathering in unnecessary places,’ he said.

Gayatri, the sister of the woman who committed suicide, said, ‘We suspect that there is information that has not yet come out. We will not take her body without knowing what happened to her. She is not suicidal. He also spoke well to our family last night. In this environment where the tragedy of the death of student Smt. has not gone away, the suicide of another student has caused great sadness. According to the sources Tiruvallur 12th Class student Suicide Post Moterm report to announces today.

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