Thursday, August 11, 2022
Tamil NaduTN Govt Buses Strike on August 3? Transport department circular to employees...

TN Govt Buses Strike on August 3? Transport department circular to employees not to take leave

Tamil Nadu Bus Strike: Government Transport Corporation employees should not take leave tomorrow, according to a circular sent by the Transport Department.

Chennai: For Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation employees, once in three years, wage contract negotiations are conducted and wage increases are determined. Accordingly, the 13th Wage Agreement was concluded in August 2019.

Next, if the 14th wage contract was put in place, it would have ended last month. However, due to the impact of corona virus, assembly elections, change of ministers etc., the contract negotiation did not take place in full swing.

In protest against this, trade unions have issued strike notices and are holding demonstrations. In this context, CITU had announced that it will strike tomorrow.

In this case, it has been reported that all the transport workers should be at work tomorrow, and if they do not show up for work, they will be treated as leave and the wages will be deducted from the circular sent by the transport department.

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