Tamil NaduToday Tiruppur District Power Cut 8 August 2022 Electricity Shutdown for TNEB...

Today Tiruppur District Power Cut 8 August 2022 Electricity Shutdown for TNEB Maintenance

Tiruppur District TNEB Power Outage on August 8 Locations

Tiruppur : The Electricity Board has published the details of the areas where TN electricity will be cut in Tiruppur District, Tamil Nadu 08/08/2022. According to it, the details of the areas where there will be power cut at local sub-station of Tiruppur district have been released.

According to the official sources we will be update here Tiruppur district Power Shutdown News on 8th August Month 2022.

However the Electricity maintenance works are being conducted frequently in many districts of Tamil Nadu. Due to frequent heavy rains, electricity maintenance work is being done every month to prevent electrical accidents and to provide uninterrupted electricity.

Tiruppur Monthly Maintenance Shutdown 8 August 2022

In that regard, the Electricity Board has released the details of the power outage areas at sub-station in Tiruppur district (8 August 2022).

The Avinasi Power Board has announced that there will be no power supply from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Monday (August 8) in the following areas due to the monthly maintenance work being carried out at sub-stations Kannur Pudur and Pasur.

Areas affected by power outage

கானூா்: அல்லப்பாளையம், கஞ்சப்பள்ளி, ராமநாதபுரம், செட்டிபுதூா், ஆலத்தூா், தொட்டிபாளையம், குமாரபாளையம், மொண்டிபாளையம், தாசராபாளையம், ஆம்போதி, பசூா் ஒரு பகுதி, பெத்தநாயக்கன்பாளையம் ஒரு பகுதி.

பசூா்: பூசாரிபாளையம், இடையா்பாளையம், செல்லனூா், ஆயிமா புதூா், ஒட்டா்பாளையம், ஜீவா நகா், அன்னூா் மேட்டுப்பாளையம், மேட்டுக்காடு புதூா், அம்மா செட்டிபுதூா், புதுப்பாளையம், பூலுவபாளையம்.

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