Tamil NaduTrichy Siva Son Surya BJP Leader Arrested by Trichy Police

Trichy Siva Son Surya BJP Leader Arrested by Trichy Police

BJP leader and Trichy Siva's son Surya arrested: Do you know the reason?

Surya Siva, the son of DMK MP Trichy Siva and the state secretary of the BJP’s OBC wing, was arrested by Trichy police this evening.

Surya, the son of DMK MP Trichy Siva, left the DMK and joined the BJP due to differences over his father. There he was promoted to secretary of state for minorities last week.

In this situation, on the 11th, a private Omni bus collided with Surya’s car near Ulundurpet. So Surya has argued that the Omni bus should pay proper compensation for his damaged car.

The bus owner has been told that the matter can be discussed later as no compensation has been paid at the place. But Surya did not pay the compensation and took the Omni bus under his control.

The owner of the bus had lodged a complaint with the Cantonment police station alleging that BJP leader Surya had taken the private bus and demanded money to pay compensation for the damage to his car. Surya was arrested today by the cantonment police who filed a case based on the complaint.

The BJP, which has a foothold in Tamil Nadu, is not only adding many new faces to the party without asking who it is, but also giving it state-level positions.

That is how Trichy Siva MP joined my son Surya Siva in the BJP and gave the state responsibility. The Trichy BJP has criticized the BJP for handing over state responsibility to Surya Siva, who was already arrested in Chennai for allegedly assaulting friends with a beer bottle while intoxicated.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai has condemned the arrest. He said on his Twitter page that making false allegations is not new to the DMK government and buying false cases in this government is not new to the BJP.

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The BJP strongly condemns the arrest of brother Surya Siva. There is a fierce rivalry between both Mr Mugastalin and Ms Mamta as to who is best at making a false case. We are watching, we are waiting, we are waiting for our time to come! Has posted that.

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