Tamil NaduTrichy Siva's son joined the BJP in the presence of Annamalai

Trichy Siva’s son joined the BJP in the presence of Annamalai

Surya, son of DMK state MP Trichy Siva, met BJP state president Annamalai and joined the BJP.

Chennai: Surya Siva’s son, Trichy Siva’s prominent speaker and senior member of parliament, has been rumored to have joined the BJP in the last few days due to dissatisfaction that his father and himself have not been given due recognition despite having traditionally been in the DMK for many years.

It was in this context that Surya, who is currently meeting BJP state president Annamalai in person, joined the party himself.

Speaking after joining the BJP, Surya Siva said, “I have joined the BJP in the hope that the BJP will become the ruling party in Tamil Nadu.

The BJP did not come to want the post, the BJP will give recognition for the work. It would not have spread if my father had not accepted that he had joined the BJP, the BJP leader had taken Annamalai. ”

He added, “There are various forms of intra-party politics in the DMK, with MK Stalin’s nephew on one side, Udayanidhi on the other and Kanimozhi on the other.

There have been a series of calls from Kanimozhi, I am adamant that the party should change, so I did not take Kanimozhi’s calls. “

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