Tamil NaduUkrainian President Zelensky abruptly announces he does not want to join NATO

Ukrainian President Zelensky abruptly announces he does not want to join NATO

Ukraine’s President Zelensky announces unwillingness to join NATO. President Zelensky called for Ukraine to join NATO, but Russia opposed it.

This was said to be another reason for Russia to launch a war on Ukraine. NATO countries have not provided much assistance to Ukraine since the start of the war.

This was openly stated by the President of Ukraine Zelensky. Two weeks after the start of the war, he said

Ukraine wanted NATO nations to join the organization. But we have just realized that NATO does not want to accept Ukraine.

So we are not going to put any more pressure on our demand to join us as a member of NATO. NATO countries no longer want to join the organization.

I don’t want to be the president of a country that gets on its knees and donates anything. Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted autonomy to two separatist groups in Ukraine.

Those groups are constantly fighting with us. The people who live there want to live as part of Ukraine.

These groups are not recognized by anyone other than Russia. The people of the area need security guarantees. Ukraine is ready to negotiate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin must come to the talks with an open mind on these issues.

The answer to trying to breathe without oxygen is to come forward to solve the problem through negotiation. He should start a discussion on that.

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