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What other facilities do the President of India get along with the salary?

Let us know what are the facilities available for the post of President.

The name of the new President of the country has been announced. Draupadi Murmu has won by defeating the joint candidate of the opposition Yashwant Sinha. She is the first tribal woman to reach this position. The responsibilities of the post of President, the qualifications for it, the facilities and allowances available during his stay in this office have always been an issue of interest of the people.

Who can become the President and how much is the salary?

Any person who is a citizen of India, who is above 35 years of age and qualified to be elected as a member of the Lok Sabha , can become the President. The President is the highest paid officer in the country and his salary is around five lakh rupees per month. In 2018, the salary of the President was increased from Rs 1.50 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. Apart from the salary, the President also gets many allowances.

In India, it is customary to take oath of the new President on 25 July. The country’s sixth President Neelam Sanjiva Reddy took oath on this day. After this all the presidents completed their term. So the new President takes oath on 25 July.

Very special presidential residence

The residence of the President of India is very luxurious and historic. There is no greater residence of any head of state in the world. Completed in 1929, this residence has 340 rooms, which include the official residence of the President, reception, hall and guest room etc. The entire Rashtrapati Bhavan complex is spread over 320 acres and apart from housing, it has magnificent gardens, bodyguard and staff accommodation and other offices etc.

President gets a great car for traveling

Security and comfort are taken care of during the visit of the President of the country. The vehicles in his convoy are updated and changed over time. Some time back , Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman Guard vehicle was purchased for President Ram Nath Kovind . Another interesting fact is that the President’s cars do not have a license plate but the Ashoka Pillar emblem.

Two Accommodations for the holidays

The President has a total of three official residences in the country, including the residence in Delhi. These include Rashtrapati Nilayam located in Secunderabad near Hyderabad and The Retreat in Shimla , the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The President often visits Shimla during summers.

These facilities are available after the completion of the tenure

After the completion of the term, the President gets many facilities including the following- Pension of Rs 1.5 lakh per month. A fully furnished bungalow of Type IV, for which no rent has to be paid. 60,000 per annum for five ancillary and staff expenses. Free rail and air travel. One person can also be taken along. Two free landlines and a mobile phone. Lifelong free medical and health services.

Full care is taken for the security of the President

The President’s Bodyguard (PBG) is responsible for the security of the President. It is the oldest unit of the Indian Armed Forces. Also, it is the only military unit in the world that uses horses.

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