Tamil NaduWhere & What Special in Thanjavur Burma Colony Akka Kousa Kadai

Where & What Special in Thanjavur Burma Colony Akka Kousa Kadai

Burma Colony Akka Kousa Kadai in Thanjavur is a popular local snack shop. In this article you can see about the specialty food of this shop.

Thanjavur: Many Tamils ​​from Burma have been running shops in Thanjavur Burma Colony for generations. Especially the Akka Kausa Kadai in Burma Colony Anbu Nagar has attracted people from all walks of life from young to old.

Jayalakshmi, who runs this Akka Kousa Kadai, has been running the shop in Burma Colony, Thanjavur for the past 14 years.

Chinnaveni has been working with him for 14 years to help her. She has attracted the people of Tanjore to his Akka Kousa Kadai with his hand-picked delicacies. An average of 150 to 200 customers visit his shop a day.

Although there are many shops, Akka Kousa Kadai is popular among Tanjore locals. Veg Kousa is sold for Rs 50 and I – Veg Kousa for Rs 70.

It is noteworthy that this dish is also called Atho in many areas like Chennai.. When you come to Tanjore, don’t forget to pay a visit to Akka Kousa Kadai.

Akka Kousa Kadai, Burma Colony, Anbu Nagar, Thanjavur Tel: 97516 25129

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