Tamil NaduWomen users can track period cycles on WhatsApp, this is the way

Women users can track period cycles on WhatsApp, this is the way

Women users will be able to track their periods by sending 'Hi' to Sirona's WhatsApp business account.

WhatsApp , owned by Meta, has become much more than a messaging app and can be used for things like shopping or media-sharing.

Now female users are also getting the option to track their periods or menstrual cycles. Feminine hygiene brand Sirona has launched India’s first period tracker on WhatsApp.

Women users will be able to track their periods by sending ‘Hi’ to Sirona’s WhatsApp business account.

New WhatsApp tracker will work with the help of AI

The CEO and Co-Founder of Sirona Hygiene Pvt Ltd informed about the collaboration with WhatsApp.

He said, “Technology has the potential to be a part of the lives of women users and we are using it to create a better environment for all. With the power of AI and new technology, it is easier for WhatsApp users to take help of it. The app which has already become an essential part of our lives.”

This will be the advantage of the new period tracker

The company has told in the press release that the benefit of period tracking tool will be available in three situations.

Users will be able to take its help to track periods, conceive or avoid pregnancy. For this, users will have to give information about their periods and last periods, after which the chatbot will share further reminders while keeping records.

Period Tracker has been developed with the help of WhatsApp Business Platform and has a very simple interface.

Eggs are formed at fixed intervals in the body of women, which attach to the wall of the uterus when fertilized by a sperm. In the absence of this, a lining of the uterus, blood and eggs come out, which is called periods.

Sirona also offers a separate app

Sirona also offers a separate app that provides a complete ecosystem for menstrual health and hygiene. In-built period tracker is available in this app.

Also, users can connect with others by sharing their experiences, questions and their answers.

With the Sirona app, the company is working on spreading awareness about periods and hygiene and making it accessible to as many users as possible.

Women users should start using tracker like this

First of all save Sirona business account number 9718866644 in Contacts. After this, open WhatsApp and send ‘Hi’ message to this number.

Sirona will now show a list of several options and to track periods, one has to write ‘period tracker’ in the chat box. Now you have to enter some details related to your period.

Eventually, you will start getting information from ovulation to next periods and cycle length in the messaging app .

Option to download documents also

MyGov has partnered with WhatsApp in the past and has come with the option of downloading PAN card and driving license along with DigiLocker related services .

The new services also include creating a DigiLocker account, authenticating and downloading documents.

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To take advantage of the new facility, users will have to send a message to the WhatsApp number +91 9013151515. Let us tell you, with the help of WhatsApp chatbots, things like booking vaccination slots can also be done.

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