Tamil NaduZomato Instant App Promise Delivery of food in 10 minutes

Zomato Instant App Promise Delivery of food in 10 minutes

Zomato, an online food delivery application, has come up with a new feature for its customers. Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal has announced that the food will now reach the customer in just 10 minutes. He informed about this through his blog. Deepinder Goyal also asked how this is possible.

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal tweeted that food delivery by Zomato will start soon in 10 minutes. He said the quality of the food was 10/10, the safety of the delivery person was 10/10 and the delivery time was 10 minutes.

The most used feature in the Zomato Application

Deepinder Goyal wrote in his blog that customers want their orders to arrive and join very quickly. They do not want to wait. It is worth noting that selecting a restaurant with the lowest delivery time is one of the most used features of the Zomato application.

He further added that the average delivery time of the Zomato processor is considered to be 30 minutes too late and there is a need to reduce it. He also said that if we do not reduce the average delivery time, we will not be able to attract more customers.

He said it is important to innovate and continue to advance, to stay consistent in today’s technology industry. That’s why we bring Zomato Instant to deliver food in 10 minutes.

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