TechnologyApple WWDC 2022 iOS 16 comes with many new features, iPhone users...

Apple WWDC 2022 iOS 16 comes with many new features, iPhone users will get the update

The event started with a keynote from Apple CEO Tim Cook , in which he said that the company's developer community is growing rapidly.

Tech company Apple has unveiled the latest software versions at the Worldwide Developer Conference ( WWDC ) 2022 event.

The event starting from June 6 will go on till June 10 and during this time Apple is going to make many big announcements.

The event started with a keynote from Apple CEO Tim Cook , in which he said that the company’s developer community is growing rapidly.

The company is going to make many new changes for iPhone users with the iOS 16 update.

New Communication and Personalization Features in iOS 16

The lockscreen has been given a major update in iOS 16, with which not only can it be personalized and customized, but widgets can also be placed on it.

If users want, they will be able to create more than one lockscreen, which will show different widgets and looks.

Now notifications will be visible only at the bottom of the screen and they can also be hidden.

The new Live Activities feature has also now been made a part of the lockscreen.

Apple gives new update to Focus

iPhone users already get the option to set up different profiles and can use Focus for work or personal life.

With the new update, users have been given focus modes and focus filters to do different things.

Users will be able to apply Work Focus or Personal Focus filters, after which they will get a different experience from the lockscreen to the home screen of the device and the Safari browser.

Three big features in messages

Users have been given the option to edit the message after sending it. Apart from this, after sending the message with the Undo Send feature, it can be deleted.

The third feature will give users the option to reply to unread messages later.

With Shared With You, users will now get the benefit of sharing files with friends and listening to music or watching movies together.

Now Shareplay can be used during Facetime calls.

Easy voice typing option

iPhone users get the Dictation feature, with the help of which they can type by speaking.

Now Apple is offering the experience of Dictation on the device itself to give better privacy to the users.

With the new feature, Neural Engine will make sure that the audio spoken by the user is not sent to any third-party.

With the Live Text in Video feature, users will be able to interact with the text shown in the video.

Apple Wallet will replace the original wallet

The company said that Wallet ID can now be used in new markets and users will not need a driving license and other ID cards.

At the same time, the support of keys has been given in the wallet, which can be unlocked and locked from cars to homes.

Apple Pay is now extending the support of Tap to Pay feature to more merchants.

The company has also come up with the Apple Pay Later feature, so that payments can be made in parts.

Redesigned maps launched in 11 new countries

In iOS 16, the company has brought many new features for Map users, including multistop routing.

With this, users will be able to decide the way to any place while stopping at many places.

At the same time, with the transit feature, users will be shown the fare for public transport. In addition to light and dark modes, the option of look-around is being given in the map.

The company is giving developers the option to integrate maps into their apps.

Easy to watch live sports

In Apple News, sports fans will be given the option to follow their favorite teams and leagues in the My Sports section. Apart from this, live scores will be shown on the lockscreen and they can be seen live on Apple TV.

Share subscription with up to five members

With Family Sharing, users have been given the option to share their subscription to Apple services with up to five members of their family.

The parental controls and easy setup, it’s better for kids to create new accounts and set up devices.

In Family Checklist, parents will be able to check which member has access to which data and what permissions they have.

i-cloud shared photo library brought to apple

In iOS 16, users will get the option to create a shared iCloud library. In this library, up to five family members will be able to send their photos.

Users will be able to decide which of their photos should be shared with everyone.

Along with this, intelligent share suggestions will also be given by Apple and everyone will get access to the photos.

This library will be like a shared album, in which everyone will be able to upload the photos of their choice.

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Apple’s focus on personal safety

In the new update, Apple has brought a feature called Safety Check, with which data access given to someone can be removed immediately.

The company, in collaboration with several organizations, has prepared a safety check, so that users can immediately stop access to their data, location and other details along with others.

Apple believes that with this, users will get more control over apps and data shared with others.

New features for Home and Car apps too

In Smart Home, users not only get access to smart home accessories, but also ensure security and privacy.

This year, Apple brings a secure experience with Matter, which will connect hundreds of products with the Home app.

The company has included new categories in the Home app and its interface has also been changed.

With the next generation CarPlay, Apple is going to give users a safe and new experience while driving.

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