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Be careful if you use Google Chrome, the government has issued an alert, do this work quickly

CERT-In, which comes under the Ministry of IT, has issued a warning for desktop users. CERT-In has found some flaws in Google Chrome. By which hackers can take advantage of this and hack

If you also use Google Chrome for browsing, then be careful. This is because the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), which comes under the Ministry of IT, has warned users about several vulnerabilities in Google Chrome for desktop. According to CERT-In, some flaws have been found in Google Chrome. Due to which hackers can easily hack the computer by taking advantage of it.

These flaws found in Google Chrome

According to an advisory by CERT-In, there are many flaws in Google Chrome. Taking advantage of these flaws, hackers can execute arbitrary code by sending crafted requests to your system. This code can bypass the security of your computer. Can completely hack your system. CERT-In has said in its warning, for FedCM, SwiftShader, Angle (ANGLE), Blink, Sign-in Flow, Chrome OS Shell. Because of its free use, these flaws are present in Google Chrome.

Let us tell you that earlier CERT-In had issued a warning regarding the bugs of Apple iOS, Apple iPad and MacOS. It was said that there is a bug in the operating system of the Apple device. Which hackers can take advantage of. After this, Apple asked its users to update the emergency update immediately.

Do this work for safety

To avoid hacking, users first need to update their Google Chrome to the latest version. Also, users need to avoid clicking on unknown links and visiting unknown websites.

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