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TechnologyChina sent 3 astronauts for completing work of space station

China sent 3 astronauts for completing work of space station

These astronauts will complete the assembly work of the space station orbiting the Earth. The crew sent with the new mission will spend six months at Tiangang Station.

China has launched a new Shenzhou 14 mission, under which three Chinese astronauts Cai Xuzhe (L), Chen Dong (C) and Liu Yang pose have been sent to complete the work of the space station.

These astronauts will complete the assembly work of the space station orbiting the Earth. The crew sent with the new mission will spend six months at Tiangang Station.

Let us tell you, this mission has been launched from Gansu region of North East China on Sunday morning.

Two new laboratory modules will be added

The crew of Shenzhou 14 mission has been sent to Tiangang station for the next six months. During these six months, the three astronauts will work on connecting the two laboratory modules to the Main Tianhe Living Space.

This Tianhe Living Space was launched by China in April last year. With the new mission, research and scientific experiments in space will be encouraged and investments will be increased in these.

The spacecraft reached space in 15 minutes

The spaceship took off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center near the Gobi Desert at 10:44 am on Sunday.

In this mission, the crew’s space flight program was sent to space with the help of Long March 2F rocket.

In about 15 minutes, this spaceship reached low earth orbit and its solar panels opened. The mission was being controlled from command centers in Jiuquan and Beijing.

The goal of connecting a three-module structure

Commander Chen Dang and his fellow cosmonauts Liu Yang and Kai Zheze will jointly connect the three-module structure to the existing Tianhe.

Ventian and Mengtian, which will reach space in July and October, will also be connected to it. Let us tell you, another cargo craft is already docked from Tianzhou-3 station.

Let us tell you, the live telecast of this launch was shown on state television, so that China’s space capability could be known to the rest.

Know about the crew sent on the mission

“With the new modules, more stability, functions and equipment will be added to the space station,” said Chen, 43, who was part of the Shenzhou mission in 2016.

43-year-old Liu, who accompanied Chen, was the first Chinese woman to go into space with the Shenzhou 9 mission in 2012.

At the same time, this is the first space trip of 46-year-old Kai. At the end of the mission, the crew of Shenzhou 15 will arrive to accompany these astronauts.

Space program started in the year 2003

China’s space program began in 2003 with the sending of the first passenger to space. In this way, China became the third country after the Soviet Union Russia and America to send its passengers to space.

Last year China has successfully landed rovers on the Moon and Mars. In previous missions, China has also brought lunar samples and is working on a mission to send humans to the moon.

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China has a fake sun

China already has an artificial sun , with the help of which the country’s energy needs can be met.

This sun, named Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), produced a temperature five times higher than the real sun in the past.

This sun produced a temperature of about 70 million degrees for 1,056 seconds and if it is able to do this continuously, it will be able to give light and heat like a real sun to large parts of China.

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