GamesFortnite returns to iPhone and iPad because of Microsoft, you can play...

Fortnite returns to iPhone and iPad because of Microsoft, you can play the game for free

After a long tussle between Apple and Epic Games, Fortnite is back on iPhone and iPad.

The return of the Fortnite game to Apple devices is thanks to Microsoft, whose Xbox cloud gaming service is available for a wide range of devices.

Epic Games has partnered with Microsoft to play Fortnite for free on any device with access to the X-Box cloud gaming service.

Apple removed the Fortnite game from the App Store , alleging that its publisher Epic Games was in violation of rules.

Epic Games later took Apple to court for charging developers up to 30 percent commission in return for payments on the App Store.

There was a conflict between the two companies for a long time and during this time users were not able to play the Fortnite game.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney announced the new changes in a tweet.

“Big news for everyone! Fortnite is now available for free via X-Box Cloud for all iPhone, iPad and Android devices, from streaming to web browsers,” Tim wrote.

He wrote that to play Fortnite this way, no subscription is needed and 30 percent Apple Tax will not have to be paid.

Fortnite is the first free-to-play title from Microsoft ‘s X-Box cloud gaming.

Microsoft has said that users will get the option to play Fortnite when they login with their account.

However, India is not among the 26 countries where X-Cloud cloud gaming access is available.

With this service, games are streamed in web browsers and they don’t even need to be installed on your device.

Microsoft has said that the browser version of Fortnite will support touch controls and gamepads, including X-Box controllers and Valve’s Steam Deck.

Gamers will not even need any expensive gaming setup and machine like this.

Let us tell you, X-Box’s cloud gaming service is currently in beta mode, that is, changes and improvements are being made in it based on the feedback received from the players.

Microsoft is not the only company, which has brought the facility of cloud gaming.

Other companies are also doing innovations related to this. For example, Nvidia now brings GeForce, which can stream Fortnite and other games.

Google Stadia and Sony PS are also similar cloud gaming services.

Gaming companies are optimizing their titles for this new experience for the users.

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