Thursday, August 11, 2022
TechnologyGoogle Tab is developing an Android tablet with Tensor technology in 2023

Google Tab is developing an Android tablet with Tensor technology in 2023

The company plans to join the Android tablet renaissance with its own Pixel-branded models.

Google has unpopularly dropped tablet hardware after the spectacular Pixel Slate flop of 2018.

With its work on Android 12L, the OS’s version set for big screen improvements, it has recently shown renewed interest in the form factor.

Today at Google I/O, we explained what that task is: Google’s new Tensor-powered tablet.

The details are clear: Google specifically called the preview “an early look” and said it wants to share more about the Pixel-branded device next year.

This tablet, Google says, “combines life with life at home” — looks like what we’d expect from the Nest Hub-style detachable device we heard about earlier this spring.

The tablet is shown with a white bezel on I/O, giving it a unique Nest Hub-like look.

In addition to its early success with the Nexus 7, Google has traditionally struggled to enter the tablet market, with products such as the Nexus 10, Pixel C and Pixel Slate failing to make a significant impact.

Google’s peers haven’t been idle in the company’s absence: the new tablet faces stiff competition from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ and iPad Air.

Time will tell whether the smart home features we’ve come to expect from this new tablet will help set it apart from any other pack — Google is targeting a 2023 launch.

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