TechnologyGoogle to Launches Pixel 6a model smartphone to Indian market

Google to Launches Pixel 6a model smartphone to Indian market

New information has come out that Google's Pixel Series smartphone models will be available in the Indian market again.

Google is set to launch its Pixel 6a smartphone soon. Details of this smartphone have been leaked to the internet several times before.

Renders and photos about the Pixel 6a are constantly being leaked. In that line, new information has come out that the Pixel 6a model is currently being launched in the Indian market.

Tipster Mukul Sharma has revealed that the new Google Pixel smartphone will be tested in India.

Could not confirm that this smartphone is the Pixel 6a model. However, by May, Google will always be introducing the Pixel A series of models.

In that sense, what is being tested in India is said to be the Pixel 6a model. The Pixel 4a is the first smartphone launched directly by Google in India.

The Pixel 4a model, which was released on Google quality, was well received in the Indian market. Whenever the Pixel 4a started selling on leading websites due to over-reception, it was often sold out.

No information has been released yet on behalf of Google about the release of the Pixel 6a model in India. However, it has been reported that the smartphone will be launched this month.

Google’s 2022 I / O event is set to take place on May 11th. The new Pixel 6a may be unveiled in the international market at this event. Details of its Indian release can also be expected at the same event.

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