TechnologyLocation is known by phone number or IP address, know how the...

Location is known by phone number or IP address, know how the police track

Phone Number Tracking: If you want to know the location of someone without his knowledge, then there are some ways to do this. With the help of these methods, one's location can be tracked. Although these methods are not accessible to the general public.

Phone Number Tracking: Do you think someone is tracking your location? Do you also want to track someone’s location? These things are easier said than done. It is very difficult to do that. There are many people who are curious to know each other’s location. It becomes easy to track location from phone number through IP address and IMEI number. But even the common man has no access. To track someone’s location from IP address, there should be some important information.

Location can be tracked by IP address

According to media reports, you can find someone’s location with the help of IP address. An IP address, or Internet Protocol, is a set of unique numbers. Each device has its own IP address. This address is a unique set of four numbers. With its help, the location of anyone can be tracked.

But whose location is to be tracked. It should have an IP address. To track the address, you have to take the help of a site like IP Lookup or Wolfram Alpha. After visiting these websites, you will have to enter the IP address in the location search. Then you will get its possible location.

Know how the police tracking

Whenever the police have to track any number, it uses that number or IMEI number. For this the police is dependent on the telecom companies. To track down any phone number, the police ask the telecom company for help. The company informs the police that near which cell tower the tracking number is active or the distance of the tracking number from any cell tower. With its help, the police track the location of criminals.

What is an IP Address?

IP address is a technical term called Internet Protocol Address (IP Address). This means that all the computers in the network are connected or connected. Whatever communication takes place between them is through IP address only. No one knows what the name of your computer or mobile phone is. But if the IP address is known, all the devices are connected to the Internet. All information is available.

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