TechnologyTelegram's planned Paid Premium Subscription is in beta

Telegram’s planned Paid Premium Subscription is in beta

Telegram is ready to launch a paid subscription service called Telegram Premium. Those in the Telegram beta invented emojis and stickers that look exclusive to the paid service.

It seems that free users will not be able to see these unique reactions and will be asked to register if they are sent to chat windows.

There is currently no news on what the subscription cost will be, or when the service will be launched. Users who have access to Telegram’s test servers may send each other some stickers and reactions, but that’s just the amount of detection.

In 2020, Telegram founder Pavel Durov told the press that the encrypted messaging service, which will begin in 2021, will “start generating revenue.” He wants the Telegram to own and sell a company like WhatsApp, “he said.” At least a few hundred million dollars a year. ”

He explained that “for most of Telegram’s history, Durov ‘paid for the company’s expenses from his personal savings.” Drove said the move would allow it to “launch countless new features and welcome billions of new users.”

The founder clarified that the features currently offered for free will be free.

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