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Twitter Edit Button: After all, this is how Twitter’s edit button will work, Elon Musk was also demanding this for a long time

Twitter Edit Button: The first glimpse of the edit button of the social media platform Twitter has come to the public and it can be launched for the users soon.

Social media platform Twitter may soon give its users the option of ‘Edit Button’, which will help them to correct mistakes in their tweets. The company’s upcoming boss Elon Musk has also been demanding this for a long time. App researcher and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday, revealing the first glimpse of the edit button.

Jane Manchun Wong explained in the video how a Tweet can be edited through this feature. Users see three dots on the top right hand side of all tweets, clicking on which many options come. After the launch of the edit feature, there will now be an option “Edit Tweet”in it. After clicking on it, users will be able to edit their tweet.

He said,”The current version of the unreleased edit tweet re-uploads the media (photos, videos, GIFs, etc.) instead of reusing it. This is not an efficient use of bandwidth and media processing. Also it has ruined my videos.” Changed it to photo.

According to the information that is coming out about Twitter’s edit button so far, users will get the option of edit button for 30 minutes after tweeting.

After this they will not be able to make any changes in their tweets. Apart from this, users will also get a chance to completely change the media uploaded with their tweets.

Earlier this information was revealed that Twitter will keep the original tweets of the users in its database regardless of the edit option.

Whenever a user clicks the edit button to make changes to his tweet, it will save his original tweet first. It has also been learned that Twitter can first give the option of edit option to users with blue ticks.

You can see the first glimpse of Jane Manchun Wong’s video and Twitter’s edit button in it below

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