TechnologyVi 5G records 5.92 Gbps High Download Speed on Testing

Vi 5G records 5.92 Gbps High Download Speed on Testing

V has announced a 5.92 Gbps download speed in a 5G during trials test

Vi (Vodafone Idea) has announced that it has got a download speed of 5.92 Gbps in its 5G test.

Such speed is available on the single test device operated by Vi Company. Vi is conducting its own 5G test in Pune, Maharashtra.

Tested on mid-band and high-band 5G trial spectrum on Ericsson Massive MIMO Radio, Ericsson Cloud Native Dual Mode 5G Core, and NR-DC software.

A few months ago, Vi launched a 5G test in Gujarat. Vi was partnering with Nokia for this.

When launching a 5G service over a commercial network, Vi Company will be using latency-sensitive and AR / VR data that requires more internet service than usual. And can carry 8K video streaming included. This is possible because of the 5G standalone NR-DC software.

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With this it will provide superior applications to users and businesses. Vi had earlier conducted its 5G test in Pune.

Vi was then announcing that it had got 4Gbps download speeds. It is noteworthy that Vi used the same spectrum provided by the government during this test.

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