TechnologyWhy ExpressVPN Shut Down Servers in India? What is the Reason?

Why ExpressVPN Shut Down Servers in India? What is the Reason?

ExpressVPN did not listen to the government, because of this left India

ExpressVPN, one of the world’s largest VPN services, has stopped offering its services in India.

Actually, the Indian government has recently brought new rules, in which companies providing VPN services have been asked to keep records of users.

Companies have been instructed to keep these records for at least five years. ExpressVPN has left India, refusing to listen to the government.

Two options have been given to VPN companies

The government told the companies that provide VPN services that they have two options of complying with the rules related to cyber security or leaving the country.

ExpressVPN chose the second option and did not make any changes to the way it offered its services.

However, Indian users will still have the option to connect to the VPN server, but will be given Indian IP addresses. These virtual Indian servers will be physically present in Singapore and UK.

Virtual Private Network or VPN masks the IP address of the users to give them a secure browsing experience. The data is then sent and received through another encrypted route, leaving the source undetected by the third-party.

Users will be able to connect to Indian servers like this

The company has said that there will be no change in the interface available to the users, but they will not be able to choose the location of the foreign server.

Users who want to use VPN services will have to choose an Indian server.

They will be able to choose ‘India (Via Singapore)’ or ‘India (Via UK)’ from the VPN server location.

Let us tell you, the company has been giving the option of ‘India (Via UK)’ for the last several years.

This is how virtual location works

The IP address registered with the virtual location corresponds to the country the user selects, while the server is located in another country. In this way fast and reliable connection is provided by hiding the real identity.

Privacy assurance given to users

ExpressVPN relied on privacy in a blog post shared with Indian customers.

“Internet users in India can use ExpressVPN on the assurance that their online traffic is not being logged or stored and monitored by their government,” the company wrote.

ExpressVPN said that it is not in favor of banning Internet freedom.

Companies will have to keep this data of users

Government-related agency Indian Computer Emergency Response Team or CERT-In has told that VPN providers will have to keep data records of users.

This data should include information such as users’ names, addresses, contact numbers, subscription periods, email addresses, IP addresses and reasons for using the service.

The question is that why users who want to browse the Internet by hiding their identity , why would they give a lot of information about themselves to the VPN service provider.

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Why is VPN services needed?

VPN services give users the option to hide information such as their location and IP address with the help of remote servers.

In this way the Internet can be accessed by hiding your identity from the Internet Service Provider.

Apart from this, with the help of VPN, investigative journalists and ethical hackers are able to access such websites, which are blocked in their country.

The advantage of VPN is that with it the user cannot be tracked on the Internet.

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