TechnologyYou also want to travel to space? The company is giving space...

You also want to travel to space? The company is giving space flight tickets

Jeff Bezos's company Blue Origin has started it.

Astronauts take a whole life to fulfill their dream of going to space. However, due to better space-related technology and decreasing expenditure on space missions, now ordinary citizens are also being sent on space travel. After completing a few months of training and spending the ticket money, you too can go on a space walk.

Launch of last year’s space tourism campaign

Blue Origin, a company started by former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos about 20 years ago, has started a campaign related to space tourism last year.

So far, six human crew missions have been launched by Blue Origin. In its first space flight, Blue Origin sent Jeff Bezos and three ordinary citizens on a journey to space with the help of its new craft aircraft.

Once again six people went to space

Blue Origin has once again sent six ordinary people on a spacewalk in NS-22 flight on Thursday.

This time New Shepherd Dude Perfection co-founder Coby Cotton, British American climber Vanessa O-Brien, tech liter Clint Kelly III, telecom executive Steve Young, Egyptian mechanical and biomedical engineer Sarah Serbi and Portuguese investor Mario Ferreira were part of the flight. Such successful flights hint at the possibilities of space tourism.

Beautiful view of earth from space

This is Blue Origin’s third human flight this year, which successfully took all the passengers out of Earth’s gravitational field as space tourists.

The craft, which took these space tourists about 100 kilometers from the surface of the earth, took off from West Texas.

About 10 minutes after rocket lift-off, the craft ejected from Earth’s gravitational field and passengers had a view of Earth from space.

New Shepherd is completely autonomous

Blue Origin’s New Shepherd aircraft is completely autonomous, meaning it does not require a pilot to fly or control it.

The craft is able to travel on a pre-determined route in the stipulated time and the experience like simulation done with the help of computer system is given to the passengers.

Before sending all the passengers into space, they have to go through about 14 hours of long training and meet the required standards.

You can also buy New Shepherd flight tickets

Blue Origin has opened its ticket window and people can book tickets for the other two flights scheduled this year by visiting the company’s website . Many things related to space missions can also be purchased on the company’s website.

Apart from Blue Origin, private companies like Space-X and Virgin are trying to connect space with the normal world. That is, now ordinary citizens will also be able to go to space by taking a ticket.

ISRO also involved in the race for space tourism

The Indian Space Research Institute ( ISRO ) is also working on new options and capabilities to promote space tourism.

It is expected to become a billion dollar market in the coming few years, due to which ISRO also does not want to be left behind.

With the new technology, the institute will be able to send ordinary citizens on a space walk and the cost of sending humans to space will also be cut.

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