Thursday, August 11, 2022
TechnologyYour WhatsApp can be hacked with just one phone call, stay safe...

Your WhatsApp can be hacked with just one phone call, stay safe like this

The security researcher said that with a simple phone call, attackers can hack WhatsApp users' accounts. 

The world’s most popular messaging platform , WhatsApp , is constantly at risk of scams and hacking attacks. Hackers and attackers keep trying new ways to harm users and new warnings have emerged.

The security researcher said that with a simple phone call, attackers can hack WhatsApp users’ accounts. Once you receive the call, the access to the WhatsApp account is lost and the account is hacked.

Calls come from a certain type of phone number

Rahul Sasi, founder and CEO of cyber-threat alerting AI company CloudSEk, has warned of new scams.

The numbers from which the hackers get calls start with ’67’ or ‘405 ‘ .

As soon as the user receives the call, his WhatsApp account is logged out and the hackers get complete control over his account in a matter of seconds.

This is how the new WhatsApp scam works

Rahul told that in case the number is busy, users can forward their calls to another number.

The attacker makes the call forwarding active on his number by trapping, that is, calls are forwarded to the attacker when the victim’s number is busy.

After making the call, the attacker starts the WhatsApp registration with the number of the victim. Due to the busy number, the login OTP is told through a call to the attacker’s number, and he gets access.

Hacking easy when you have access to the phone

Security researchers have told that this trick can be used easily in such a situation, if the attacker has physical access to the victim’s device for some time.

He wrote, ‘Every country and telecom service provider gives the option of call forwarding to their users and they can include the service request number. That’s how the new trick works everywhere.

How do you stay safe from new scams?

The easiest and most straightforward way to stay safe from phone call scams is by not answering calls from unknown numbers (with special codes).

Apart from this, you should make sure that when your primary number is busy, no other number has been included for call forwarding. Also, before giving your phone to others, make sure that they will not change the settings.

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Rapidly growing userbase of WhatsApp

Recently, the Sensor Tower report has revealed that about 55 percent of the monthly active users of WhatsApp use this messaging platform daily and are power users.

In the first three months of the year 2022, the number of power users was the highest among the Monthly Active Users (MAUs) of WhatsApp.

In the year 2022, 16 percent increase has been seen in terms of power users as compared to `this quarter last year.

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