Uttar PradeshBJP MLA Chhotey Lal Verma files FIR case against his son in...

BJP MLA Chhotey Lal Verma files FIR case against his son in UP sexual assault complaint

An FIR has been registered against the Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA and his son for harassing the woman.

Chhotey Lal Verma hails from Uttar Pradesh. He is a BJP MLA. His son was Lakshmi Kant Varma. The victim, a friend of Chhotey Lal Verma’s daughter, used to visit his house in Agra frequently. In this situation, Lakshmi Kant had a relationship with that woman in 2003. Subsequently, when Lakshmi Kant was alone, he allegedly invited the girl to his house.

It is also alleged that the woman was given juice laced with anesthetic and sexually assaulted. When the girl regains consciousness, Lakshmi Kanth threatens to kill the girl’s brother if she tells anyone about this. He also promised to marry the girl. Also, it is said that Lakshmi Kant took a nude photo of the girl. But the victim was scared and did not tell anyone. A few years later, Lakshmi Kant is said to have married the girl in a temple.

In this case, in 2006, when the girl went to Jalandhar, Chhotey Lal Verma hastily married his son to another girl. Subsequently, the woman returned to Agra by threat and was given a house to stay. Lakshmi Kant has often sexually assaulted him. As a result, the woman gave birth to a baby girl in 2011. However, Lakshmi Kant and Chhotey Lal Verma wanted a boy. So it has been reported that Lakshmi Kant forced her to have an abortion three times after that.

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The police registered an FIR after the victim filed a complaint in this regard. In this regard, the police said, “A case has been registered against BJP MLA Chhotey Lal Verma for molesting a woman and his son Lakshmi Kant Verma for sexually assaulting a woman. There is no allegation of sexual harassment against the MLA.” Officials say.

No one has been arrested in this case yet. Chhotey Lal Verma, who represents Fatehabad constituency in Agra, could not be contacted as his phone was switched off, media sources said.

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