World News57,200 hectares of forests have been damaged in France as wildfires spread...

57,200 hectares of forests have been damaged in France as wildfires spread out of control

France Wildfire mass evacuation: Wildfires have burned 57,200 hectares in France so far this year, nearly six times the full-year average for 2006-2021.

The damage caused by the ongoing forest fires in Southwestern Europe continues to increase. With the heat showing no signs of abating, firefighters are struggling to contain the wildfires. Of this, France has been particularly hard hit.

A fire has burned 6,200 hectares of forest in the Gironde region of southwestern France. Forest fires in France this year have burned a total of 57,200 hectares and forced the evacuation of 10,000 residents.

A forest fire broke out in the Grinot region of southwestern France on Wednesday, destroying several homes. More than 10,000 residents were forced to evacuate. The fire, which has destroyed about 6,200 hectares (15,320), has now spread to neighboring Landes.

Notice to people to leave

A warning has been issued to save people from the ravages of wildfires. The local administration has advised people to take documents, pets and some belongings with them while evacuating their homes.

As the fire continues to spread, police are going door-to-door asking residents to evacuate.

Firefighting aircraft

Firefighting to control the spread of wildfires

Airplane sprays fire retardant on trees. France, like the rest of Europe, has been struggling with persistent heat waves and its worst drought this summer.

Dozens of wildfires across the country, including at least eight major wildfires, have affected people’s normal lives.

Incalculable damages caused by wildfires

The fire also spread to areas such as Loser and Aveyron. A fire has destroyed more than 1,200 hectares of forest in Maine et Lorry in western France.

The fire that makes the sun shine

This image, taken on August 10, 2022, shows the sun clouded by wildfire smoke. “Fire creates its own wind,” making efforts to fight fires more difficult.

Over 57,200 hectares were burnt and destroyed

Firefighters stand in their vehicles as a forest fire burns near houses in Clefs-val-d’Anjou, near La Fleche, western France.

Even the intensive efforts of the firemen did not stop the fire from spreading in the area. Concerns have been raised that 57,200 hectares have burned in France so far this year, nearly six times the full annual average of 2006-2021. European countries are experiencing untold suffering due to fires.

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