World NewsA 6,000-bed hospital in China is preparing for a new virus that...

A 6,000-bed hospital in China is preparing for a new virus that is accelerating

Beijing: In Shanghai, China’s largest city, Lockdown were imposed on only a few residential and office areas.

Here, the Lock down has been in effect since the beginning of this month in five cities, including industrial-rich Changchun. The situation is now contrary to what China has declared, ‘there is no corona damage at all’.

A complete freeze has been imposed in the cities of Yucheng in the corona-populated province of Shanghai and Changsun in the Jilin province. Curfew has been imposed in most places.

Schools, colleges and businesses are all closed there. Provincial governments have imposed strict restrictions on the movement of the public. With the spread of a new stealth omicron type of coronavirus in China, a 6,000-bed hospital is being built to accommodate patients.

Meanwhile, the provincial health department has been collecting blood samples from house to house.

One of Jilin’s provincial health officials say “The virus, a new strain of omicron, is spreading fast. It is very difficult to detect this at an early stage. We are currently collecting samples from house to house. ”

Meanwhile, the government has decided to set up a huge hospital in the city of Jilin in 6 days to accommodate 6,000 people, according to the Xinhua news agency.

It is learned that 3 hospitals with immediate relocation facilities have already been set up and more patients are being admitted in them.

Fears have been raised that China’s new corona virus could spread to other parts of the world. However, medical experts are hopeful that the new type of corona virus will not cause major harm.

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