World NewsAfghan Taliban stop issuing women driving license

Afghan Taliban stop issuing women driving license

The Taliban have reportedly ordered a halt to the issuance of driving licenses to women in Afghanistan.

The Taliban seized power last August following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Earlier, during the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, women were denied various rights.

While the Taliban had promised that this system would provide women with opportunities in education and employment, unlike in the past, many restrictions were imposed on women.

Various restrictions were imposed on women, such as not being able to study in the same class with men and not traveling without a male companion.

The Taliban have reportedly issued verbal orders to driving schools to stop issuing new driver’s licenses to women.

The order is said to have been issued to driving schools in Herat, which is considered one of the most progressive cities in Afghanistan. However, there are no restrictions on women driving.

The women commented that the Taliban did not want the rights of this generation of women to be available to the next generation of women.

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