World NewsAustria's Vienna tops the list of best cities to live in 2022...

Austria’s Vienna tops the list of best cities to live in 2022 – 2023 Rank

6 cities in Europe are in the top 10 cities.

Vienna: The Austrian capital Vienna has been selected as the best city in the world to live in. A special study by the Economic Intelligence Unit ranked 6 cities in Europe in the top 10 cities selected as the best cities to live in.

These cities are listed with features of stability, excellent infrastructure, health, culture and entertainment.

The Auckland Corona virus, which is usually in the top 10, has been pushed to 34th on the list due to the curfew. Copenhagen, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are among the top 10 European cities.

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London is ranked 33rd on the list, followed by Spain’s Barcelona and Madrid at 35th and 43rd respectively. Milan, Italy is 49th, New York City is 51st in the United States and Beijing, China is 71st.

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