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China lifts ban on granting visa to Indian students, after 2 years thousands of students will be able to resume their studies

More than 23,000 Indian students, most of them medical students, went back from China due to restrictions related to Corona.

China announced the resumption of visa application process for Indian students on Monday, 22 August, after nearly two years. This news is a relief for those Indian students, who came back to India after leaving their studies from China about 2 years ago due to restrictions related to the Corona epidemic (Covid-19) and were stuck here since then. China said that all Indian students will be able to start visa applications from Wednesday 24 August to resume their studies.

Apart from this, China also announced plans to issue visas for many more categories, including trade visas for Indians.

Ji Rong, Counselor of the Department of Asian Affairs in the Chinese Foreign Ministry, gave this information through a tweet. She wrote,”Heartfelt congratulations to Indian students! Your patience has paid off. I can really, really share your enthusiasm and happiness. Welcome to China!”

Along with this, he made an official announcement on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi to start the process of issuing visas to Indian students and businessmen to come to China. Visas have also been reintroduced for the families of those working in China.

According to the announcement, the X1-Visa will be issued to students who want to go to China for a longer period of higher education. In addition to new students, these include students who want to return to China to continue their studies.

Let us inform that more than 23,000 Indian students had gone back from China due to restrictions related to Corona. Most of them are medical students. China had asked for the names of those who wanted to return immediately for their studies and after that India submitted a list of several hundred students.

Some students from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia and several other countries have already reached China on chartered flights in recent weeks. In a notice issued on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Delhi, it has been said that student visas will be issued to new students as well as old students who could not travel to China due to Corona visa restrictions.

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