World NewsDid Elon Musk Got Erotic Massage from SpaceX Air Hostess?

Did Elon Musk Got Erotic Massage from SpaceX Air Hostess?

The flight attendant told her friend that after she got the job, she was encouraged to get a license for a massage, in order to give Musk a massage.

Amid controversy surrounding the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk is embroiled in another controversy. On Friday, a media report revealed that his spacecraft company SpaceX had paid $ 250,000 to a flight attendant.

Elon Musk is said to have paid the woman to avoid suing the company for misbehaving with her.

The victim is a crew member on the SpaceX corporate plane. According to Business Insider, the woman said that Musk had touched her inappropriately and asked her to do an erotic massage.

The SpaceX flight attendant said he was told to musk “some more” while doing the musk massage.

He reportedly quoted interviews and documents as saying that Musk had “scanned his leg without his consent and offered to buy a horse in exchange for an erotic massage.” Musk allegedly exposed his genitals during the massage.

The incident took place in 2016. In this connection, she has prepared a petition signed by one of her friends.

According to the announcement, the flight attendant told her friend that after getting the job, she was encouraged to get a license for a massage parlor, in order to give Musk a massage.

“While doing such a massage in a private cabin in Muskin’s Gulfstream G650 ER, Musk behaved like this with the woman,” the report said.

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Responding to this, Musk said, “There are many more things in this story,” adding that more time was needed to respond.

“If I had resorted to sexual harassment, this would not have been the first time in my entire 30-year life,” Musk said in an email. He also said that there was political turmoil in the matter.

“The woman is” not for sale, “she said in a statement issued by the woman’s friend, stating that she was not willing to go sexually for money or gifts.” The incident is said to have taken place while Musk was on his way to London once.

“He thought things would return to normal. He forgot all this and thought it might be normal. However, he began to notice some changes. His tasks were reduced. He became depressed,” the victim’s friend told Insider.

Eventually, the woman felt “punished for refusing to give up sexually,” the statement said.

SpaceX places special emphasis on massages. The company also employs massage therapists for its flight attendants.

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Musk is currently engaged in a fierce battle to get Twitter. He also said he would suspend the deal until he knew the true number of fake accounts on Twitter.

Elon Musk said on Thursday that the charges against him would increase in the coming days because he currently supports Republicans.

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