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Elections in Israel for the fifth time in 3 years, will Netanyahu return?

Israel Heading To Elections: The last 3.5 years have been of political instability in Israel. The country has moved towards new elections. This is the fifth election in three and a half years.

Jerusalem : Israel has moved towards its fifth election in three and a half years. PM Naftali Bennett ‘s office says the government will be dissolved and new elections will be held in the nation.

In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and alternate PM Yair Lapid have decided not to continue the alliance. Both the top leaders have announced on Monday that they will give up their efforts to maintain the alliance. After this the situation for new elections has been created.

Opportunity made for Netanyahu In a joint statement, Bennett and Lapid said they would bring a bill to vote next Monday to dissolve the Knesset, or parliament. That is, there is a possibility of elections in October. Sources close to Bennett said both aimed to start the election on their own terms and wanted to avoid being coerced by opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

There is still a chance that Netanyahu may succeed in forming an alternative government within the current Knesset. This will happen if coalition members (from New Hope and Yamina) switch sides and join Netanyahu’s right-wing faction.

It is being claimed in Israeli media reports that the atmosphere is becoming favorable for the former PM due to the dissolution of the alliance. Yair Lapid will remain the caretaker PM until the new government comes to power.

According to the coalition agreement, Lapid will remain the caretaker prime minister until the elections and until the new government comes to power. He will also greet US President Joe Biden when he arrives in Israel next month. “Once approved, the rotation will be done systematically,” Bennett and Lapid said in a statement.

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Earlier on Friday, Bennett spoke to Attorney-General Gali Baharav Myra. He told Lapid that the West Bank emergency bill could not be extended beyond the June 30 deadline. There was no other way to pass the bill, so Bennett and Lapid preferred the decision to dissolve parliament. This decision will automatically expand security regulations in the West Bank.

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