World NewsElon Musk has Impressed on Elden Ring Video Game

Elon Musk has Impressed on Elden Ring Video Game

Elon Musk a Top Billionaire in the world he is very active on Twitter however when he tweet about anything it goes to be a trending topics on internet social media sites. On monday Elon musk tweeted “Elden Ring, experienced in its entirety, is the most beautiful art I have ever seen”.

They recently made a new video showing Malenia fighting alongside all the other Elden Ring bosses to see how the most powerful boss in the game would fare against the others.

Malenia won most of the battles and although some opponents defeated the first form of him, they did not fit the modified version of him.

Garden of Ice has now shared one such video in which Elden ring is one of the final owners of the ring.

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In this video, Radagan is shown fighting all the main bosses of Elden Ring. It’s a bit shorter than the Malaysian video, but the format is the same.

The video begins with Crafted Zion and ends with Elden the Beast, the fight against Ricard acting as a bonus match.

As soon as player Elden meets Radakan at the end of the ring, many can expect him to take down most opponents, as does Malenia.

However, Radegan didn’t restore health with every win and had no other form of backup, so these fights remain high.

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