World NewsFour Malicious Alien Civilisations That Could Attack or Invade Earth , Claims...

Four Malicious Alien Civilisations That Could Attack or Invade Earth , Claims Researcher

Shocking study that aliens from not one but four alien planets could capture or destroy Earth

Fears are mounting as the results of studies reveal that speculation that aliens could endanger the Earth is further strengthened.

Researchers are concerned that harmful extraterrestrials could strike or invade Earth.

Not only that, but reports that four alien creatures are taking control of the Earth are raising concerns.

The researchers expressed concern that the assessment was based on “the world history of invasions over the past century, the military capabilities of the countries involved, and the global growth rate.”

One researcher has suggested that there may be four extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way that could strike or invade Earth. Alberto Caballero, a PhD student at the University of Vigo in Spain, has published a prediction on the existence of “harmful extraterrestrial” civilizations, according to Wise News.

In a study entitled “Assessing the Dispersion of Harmful Extraterrestrial Civilizations,” Caballero attempted to estimate the prevalence of extraterrestrial civilizations that could pose a threat to Earth. However, he said the results of his research were limited.

He said the assessment was based on “the world history of invasions in the last century, the military capabilities of the countries involved and the global growth rate”.

In a non-reviewed study published in the journal Arxiv, Caballero stated that the upper limits of fixed deviations are used to obtain the “estimated probability of extraterrestrial invasion” of a civilization, to which we send a message.

He added that the results show that such a probability is “two points lower than the probability of an asteroid hitting a planet”.

Scientists plan to send a message (METI, or “Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence”) to other planets. While there is no conclusive evidence for this, the US government is actively debating the increasing signs of alien existence.

From these findings, Caballero said in his thesis would serve as a starting point for an international debate about sending radio messages to the stars to nearby habitable planets, a warning to scientists.

“I have submitted the results of this research only on the basis of the life we ​​know. We do not know the minds of aliens. Extraterrestrial civilization may have a brain with a different chemical composition, and they may have no feelings or emotions, or more psychotic behaviors,” Caballero said.

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Therefore, since Caballero’s study is based on human nature, it is doubtful whether this research can be taken as it is.

Caballero notes in his journal that such an event occurs once every 100 million years.

The researcher, who has studied human “invasions” in other countries over the past 50 years, said the data he collected was used to count the number of known “exoplanets” in our galaxy.

It is noteworthy that the Italian scientist Claudio McConnell estimated that there were about 15,785 exoplanets.

It is noteworthy that after analyzing those data, Caballero estimated that there might be four “malicious” alien civilizations.

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