World NewsNorth Korea Six deaths after confirmation of first case of corona, reason...

North Korea Six deaths after confirmation of first case of corona, reason given for fever

Pyongyang: North Korea said on Friday that six people have died and 3.5 lakh people are undergoing treatment due to a rapidly spreading fever.

A day before this, North Korea confirmed the first case of corona infection in the country .

There is no clear information about this, but it is believed that the corona infection is spreading rapidly in North Korea.

Fever spreading rapidly since April

North Korea’s news agency reported that since April, about 3.5 lakh people have had fever. Out of these, 1.62 lakh people have been cured and about 1.88 lakh are still isolated for treatment.

Fever has been confirmed in 18,000 people on Thursday alone. It is not known how many of these coronas are infected.

Of the six people who died, one was infected with the Omicron variant.

The lockdown was imposed on Thursday

After the first case of the epidemic was confirmed, dictator Kim Jong Un announced the implementation of a lockdown across North Korea.

Corona infection in North Korea is believed to have started gaining momentum after a huge military parade in the capital Pyongyang on 25 April.

During this parade, North Korea displayed its powerful weapons and thousands of people gathered to see it.

Kim Jong-Un criticized the authorities

Presdient Kim Jong Un visited the emergency epidemic prevention headquarters on Thursday and criticized officials for their failure to stop the spread of infection.

During this, he also said that the fever is still confined to Pyongyang and surrounding areas and there is a need to isolate all residential buildings and work places.

He expressed hope that North Korea will overcome this obstacle.

South Korea offered help

Cheong Seong Cheung, an analyst at South Korea ‘s Sejong Institute, said the pace of fever in North Korea shows the crisis could last for several months. This will pose a major challenge to the economy already struggling with a weak health system.

South Korea has offered North Korea’s help on humanitarian grounds in this crisis. He is ready to send medical and other aid to North Korea.

Does North Korea need outside help?

Some experts believe that North Korea has expressed its willingness to seek outside help from the public regarding this crisis.

In fact, North Korea had previously rejected the help of the vaccine from Russia, China and the World Health Organization (WHO). Had he taken the vaccine from WHO, he would have had to be transparent in its distribution.

Due to non-availability of vaccine, people here have not been vaccinated.

In September 2020, there was a report that North Korea had ordered the shooting of suspected infected people to prevent the spread of the corona virus .

This was said by a top commander of the US Army stationed in South Korea.

According to the commander, to prevent the corona virus from entering the country, North Korea has created a buffer zone on the Chinese border and has deployed special security forces here.

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