World NewsReykjanes Peninsula Volcano eruption in Iceland more than 4,000 earthquakes in one...

Reykjanes Peninsula Volcano eruption in Iceland more than 4,000 earthquakes in one day

A volcano waiting to erupt 4000 earthquakes in one day

Reykjavík: Iceland faces the threat of a volcanic eruption after nearly 4,000 earthquakes hit in a single day. These earthquakes that occurred on the first day of August have worsened the weather. The series of earthquakes, ranging in magnitude from moderate to severe, has raised concerns about a possible new volcanic eruption on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula. Although it can be caused by the movement of magma underground, experts worry that these earthquakes signal the possibility of a volcanic eruption.

Officials have issued a high alert amid fears of a volcanic eruption. People who have been shaken by a series of earthquakes are worried about the ever-increasing possibility of a volcanic eruption.

One of the world’s most active volcanic regions is Iceland, a volcanic island in the North Atlantic. Volcanic eruptions occur frequently on this island. Earthquakes occur before that. These eruptions had a huge impact on Europe, North America and the entire northern hemisphere of the Earth.

Due to its location on a tectonic plate boundary between the Eurasia and North American tectonic plates, the island is regularly hit by earthquakes. Another name for this line of separation (MAR) is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge runs across Iceland in the graphic below, which also shows how the tectonic plates are spreading.

In Reykjanes Peninsula, it enters southwest and turns north after traveling east. Major volcanoes are depicted as red triangles.

But across the entire Atlantic Ocean, tectonic plates are separated. What makes this place so special is the hotspot, or mantle plume, which is a vertical column of hot, molten rock rising from the mantle. It’s down to Iceland. As a result, it is referred to as Icelandic plume.

The plume joins Iceland under the Vatnajokull glacier. Due to this, earthquakes occur frequently here.

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