World NewsRussia's Refusal to Comply with Ukraine's Demands has Intensified Attacks in Kyiv

Russia’s Refusal to Comply with Ukraine’s Demands has Intensified Attacks in Kyiv

Russia’s offensive has intensified today following the resumption of talks between Russia and Ukraine.

Today marks the 16th day of the Russian military offensive against Ukraine. Russian forces continue to attack key cities, including the capital Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Sumy.

Three rounds of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in Belarus over a ceasefire have so far failed. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said there was no progress in the ceasefire talks in Turkey.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said the war would end only if Russian President Putin spoke directly with him.

Russian forces have taken control of some cities in Ukraine. Russia also has major nuclear power plants in the country. But the capital Kyiv and the 2nd largest city, Kharkiv, have not yet been captured by Russian forces.

Ukrainian soldiers are also fighting hard against Russian forces. Thus, Russia seems to have stepped up its attacks on the capital, Kyiv. Ukraine has accused Russia of violating a ceasefire in five cities, including Kyiv, on humanitarian grounds.

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Russia has reportedly stepped up its attacks on the capital, Kyiv. A large Russian force advanced from the north and west to capture the city. Yesterday it was reported that Russian forces were very close to the city of Kyiv.

It is reported that the capital Kyiv is surrounded by Russian forces on all four sides. Russian forces, currently stationed in the suburbs of Kyiv, are trying to enter the city. The Ukrainian military is fighting hard to stop them.

Meanwhile, some Russian tanks attempting to enter Kyiv were attacked. Thus those tanks went back. The bomber struck shortly afternoon in front of a Russian tanker and a vehicle carrying soldiers.

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Meanwhile, a satellite image has been released of Russian forces splitting outside Kyiv and moving in all directions. A battalion is reported to be entering the forest.

And the attack continues in the port city of Mariupol. The mayor said bombs were dropped there every half hour.

“More than 1 lakh people have fled Ukraine as refugees in the last two days,” said Ukrainian President Zelensky.

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