World NewsThis woman is the world's oldest flight attendant, age 86 years

This woman is the world’s oldest flight attendant, age 86 years

According to Guinness, Nash's sense of service to the company for these long years is commendable.

Recently an 86-year-old American woman has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest serving and oldest flight attendant in the world.

The woman’s name is Bette Nash, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and has worked for American Airlines for 65 years.

According to Guinness, Nash’s sense of service to the company for these long years is commendable.

Nash started his career in 1957

In 1957, at the age of 21, Nash began her career as an air hostess in Eastern Airlines.

Then she became a part of American Airlines followed by Eastern Airlines and has been working for him till now.

According to an ABC report, Nash had the option of choosing any route of his choice, but opted to stick with the New York-Boston-Washington DC Shuttle.

Nash is travelers’ favorite flight attendant

Nash chose this route so that she could easily take care of his son. His son is handicapped.

If we talk about Nash’s behavior, then she is liked by the travelers because of his cool behavior.

One passenger reported that she often travels by flight, but when Nash is on a plane, that trip is her best.

Will keep working till I recover – Nash

When asked in an interview what advice she would give to new entrants to the flight attendant career, she said, “The most important thing is to put humanity into our work. It’s anthropology rather than technology.”

She also said, “As long as my health is good and I am able, I will keep working. However, I have made my Diamond Jubilee just like Queen Elizabeth.”

Recently another such record was made

This is not the only such record. Earlier this year, Walter Orthmann, a 100-year-old Brazilian man, set a Guinness World Record for working in the same company for 84 years in a row.

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Orthman started his career in a textile company at the age of 15. She was working in the same company continuously for 84 years and nine days till January 6, 2022.

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