World NewsUS Officials Warns of Russia's Repercussions of Chinese Aid

US Officials Warns of Russia’s Repercussions of Chinese Aid

Washington: The United States has warned that China’s assistance to Russia in avoiding sanctions could have repercussions.

The war between Ukraine and Russia continues for the 19th day. Russian forces have been conducting missile, air and artillery attacks on major cities. At the same time, Ukraine is compensating Russia.

Russian forces have made great strides in the eastern and southern cities. At the same time are fighting in the north and around Kiev. Russian forces are intensifying their siege of Kiev.

In this context, the United States has warned that China could face repercussions if it helps Russia avoid sanctions on its occupation of Ukraine.

In recent days, Russia has reportedly asked China for military equipment, especially drones.

In this regard, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said, “If China directly or personally supports large-scale embargo attempts on Russia, it will have serious consequences. We will not allow Russia to move forward and we will not allow any country in the world to help Russia with these sanctions.” Said.

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