World NewsUS says Russia dropped spy dolphins on the battlefield Satellite images

US says Russia dropped spy dolphins on the battlefield Satellite images

Dolphins have been deployed to monitor the naval bases of the Black Sea, according to satellite imagery.

Russia-Ukraine war: Shocking news has come out about Russia waging war with Ukraine. A US report says Russia has used dolphins in the war.

Vladimir Putin’s army has sent special training dolphins to monitor naval bases in the Black Sea.

Satellite images were released

NBC News reports that Russia has stationed dolphins at the entrance to the port of Sevastopol to deal with any attack by sea, via satellite imagery of the US Navy (USNI).

The port is located on the southern tip of the Crimean Peninsula, which was occupied by Russia in 2004.

Army training dolphins

The USNI says that at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine in February, Russia transferred dolphins to its naval base. The dolphins, which have been trained by the military to kill instantly if the Ukrainian navy tries to enter the sea, have been shut down.

The Guardian quoted Russian news agency sources as saying that the dolphins could detect enemy sound and range underwater.

Russia has already fielded dolphins

Russia has already deployed dolphins to protect its bases. Satellite images released in 2018 revealed that Russia used dolphins at a naval base in Syria.

It is noteworthy that more than two months after the Russia-Ukraine war, no conclusion has been reached. The war lasted longer than Russia expected. It is noteworthy that Ukraine continues to retaliate.

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