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Why Japan Former PM Shinzo Abe Killed? Murderer Accused Gave Statement to Police

Shocking information has been released regarding the person who shot and killed former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Tokyo: Shinzo Abe is the longest serving Prime Minister of Japan. Described as the sculptor of modern Japan, he resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Japan in 2020 at the age of 67. Shinzo Abe, who was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, reportedly took the decision on the advice of his doctor.

Meanwhile, Shinzo Abe, who visited Nara near Kyoto in western Japan today, addressed a campaign meeting held there. Then a person in the crowd opened fire and a bullet pierced his chest. Shinzo Abe, who collapsed in a pool of blood, was immediately taken to the hospital by helicopter.

There he was given intensive care for several hours. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida noted that Abe is being treated in critical condition and doctors are doing all they can to save him. However, the Japanese government officially announced that he died without treatment.

Many international leaders including Prime Minister Modi are condoling his death. Also, the central government has announced that a day of national mourning will be observed tomorrow in connection with the death of Shinsho Abe.

In this situation, shocking information about the person responsible for the murder of Shinzo Abe has been revealed. 41-year-old Tetya Yamagami has been arrested by Japanese security forces. Abe was arrested when he tried to flee the scene after shooting him.

He belongs to Nara area. He is a veteran of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, also known as the Japan Navy.

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It is also reported that he was affected by Shinzo Abe’s actions when he was Prime Minister. Therefore, reports are coming out that Tedya Yamagami, who has been planning to take revenge on Abe for a long time, has also admitted to shooting him with the intention of killing him.

Also, he has specially made a gun at home to kill Abe. It has also been revealed that he carried out this shooting with a gun made in such a way.

A video taken there before the shooting incident is also going viral on the internet. In it, Yamagami is clearly seen standing with a gray dessert wearing a black bag and glasses. After shooting Abe, he tried to escape. However, the security forces surrounded him and arrested him.

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