World6 killed including Lt.Gen Sarfraz Ali in Pakistan Army helicopter crash

6 killed including Lt.Gen Sarfraz Ali in Pakistan Army helicopter crash

Helicopter Crash in Balochistan: 6 people died in the crash of a Pakistani military plane that was going to provide relief

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Balochistan: Army helicopter carrying top officials crashes in Pakistan An army helicopter that took off from Las Pella in Pakistan’s Balochistan province with top officials suddenly disappeared within minutes. Army sources had said that 6 commanders were traveling in the helicopter while searching for around 5 hours but no signal was found.

Local Pakistani media reported that Corps Commander Lt Gen Sarfraz Ali, two majors and Director General of Pakistan Coast Guard Brigadier Amjad Hanif Saty were also on board.

While the Pakistan Army had reported yesterday that the helicopter had lost contact with the air traffic control room while engaged in flood relief operations in Balochistan, today it was revealed that the helicopter had crashed. Pakistan Armed Forces spokesperson tweeted that 6 persons were on board the helicopter.

Police officer Pervez Umrani told Reuters last night that rescue operations that began when the helicopter went missing were called off due to bad weather and the search operation would resume on Tuesday morning.

In this case, the helicopter accident has been confirmed this morning. It has been revealed that 6 people died in a helicopter crash in Balochistan during the flood rescue operation.

All six people on board the helicopter, including Lt Gen Sarfraz, died. According to the Disaster Management Agency, after the abnormal monsoon rains in South Pakistan, the flood risk is severe in the region.

During natural calamities like floods and earthquakes, the civil administration is heavily dependent on Pakistan’s military as it is the most powerful organization in the country. At least 136 people have died in Balochistan. The incident in which people who went to provide relief to the victims through a helicopter were killed has caused tragedy.

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