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WorldMonkeypox is Another Pandemic 2022 WHO Declares Global Emergency

Monkeypox is Another Pandemic 2022 WHO Declares Global Emergency

Monkeypox Latest News WHO Director Tedros Adhanom was making the announcement after the high level meeting of the World Health Organization.

Monkeypox Latest News : Monkeypox has been declared a global epidemic by the World Yoga Organization. The announcement was made by WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus after a high-level meeting of the World Health Organization. The disease has been reported in 72 countries worldwide. The WHO director informed that 70 percent of the infected are in European Union countries.

Meanwhile, monkeypox has been confirmed in three people in the country so far. All three are from Kerala. Last day, the 35-year-old Mancheri was confirmed to be infected with Varanas.

The Health Department had released the Standard Operating Procedure yesterday in the case of monkeypox being confirmed in the state. Standard operating procedures include isolation, treatment, sample collection, etc. All government and private hospitals follow this SOP. Minister of Health Veena George informed that it should be followed. A person of any age who has traveled to an infected country in the last 21 days and has red spots on the body and one or more symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches and fatigue should be suspected of having monkeypox.

Come face-to-face with an infected person, interact without PPE including healthcare workers, direct skin-to-skin contact, sexual intercourse, bed, The health department has also informed that there is a lot of risk of disease through touching clothes and so on. They come in primary contact list.

Monkeypox is confirmed by PCR test. Treat suspected and probable monkeypox cases separately and in isolation only. After isolating the patient, the District Surveillance Officer (DSO) should be informed immediately. Also samples should be collected as per NIV protocol. The DSO will be responsible for sending the collected samples to the lab.

Patients arriving at private hospitals with isolation facilities should be referred to government hospitals only if they request. It is also suggested that only critically ill patients from government hospitals with isolation facilities should be referred to medical colleges.

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