WorldNancy Pelosi to travel to Taiwan despite China's threat

Nancy Pelosi to travel to Taiwan despite China’s threat

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to visit Taiwan on Tuesday, amid heightened warnings from China.

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As Nancy Pelosi heads to Taiwan despite China’s warning, the US has stationed four warships east of Taiwan. While Nancy Pelosi is currently in Malaysia, American and Taiwanese media have reported that Nancy is going to go to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, on Tuesday night. But no official information about this has been released yet.

Four US warships, including an aircraft carrier, have been deployed east of Taiwan as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to visit Taiwan on Tuesday amid heightened warnings from China. The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan has crossed the South China Sea and is currently stationed in the Philippine Sea, east of Taiwan and the Philippines and south of Japan, a US Navy official confirmed to Reuters on Tuesday.

The news has been confirmed as warships are stationed as signs of military action emerge on both sides of the Taiwan Strait ahead of Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

Earlier, China warned that US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would be tantamount to interfering in their country’s internal affairs . Nancy Pelosi began her tour of Asian countries on Monday. Nancy is also expected to visit Taiwan on her Asian tour.

In recent days, China has continued to protest US arms sales to Taiwan. It is noteworthy that China, which does not want Taiwan to become stronger militarily, is demanding the cancellation of the contract worth about $108 million.

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